Silage Wagon


Demo’ed Pottinger self loading silage wagon 6610D, rear beaters with Combiline package for using when hauling corn silage. Steering axles and brakes, 66 cubic meters capacity.

2018 Pottinger NOVACAT Discbine


2018 Novacat 3507t mower.

  • One demo’d rubber conditioner unit remains.
  • Call to talk about other mower options including triple mowers, front mount mowers, etc.
  • Also ask about Hay Rakes, Silage wagons , Hay tedders and other Pottinger products.
  • With parts warehouse in Quebec and a new parts warehouse in Sask parts are readily available.

2018 Pottinger Alpha Motion 351 NOVACAT

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2018 Pottinger alpha motion 351 NOVACAT 3.5 meter with tine conditioner The heart of the Pottinger NOVACAT is its cutter bar. The cutter bars are developed and built at the companies main plant in Austria. Offering first class quality, low drag resistance, and strength.

  • Active carrier frame, a worldwide first, responds immediately to every ground contour. 
  • Linkages and carrier frame react to every bump in the ground. The mower unit tases to float over each bump and is guided down into each dip. The unique freedom of the transverse movement of +/- 16 degrees is due to ball joints on link arms.
  • Rapid-response weight alleviation springs: vertical travel of +/- 10 inches with constant weight alleviation
  • Fits any tractor between 60-360 hp
  • Two powerful springs integrated in headstock to ensure that the mower is evenly counterbalanced with 500 mm of vertical travel allowing high working speed without mower unit bouncing
  • Also ask us about trailed mowers, hay rakes, tedders and silage wagons

2019 Pottinger NOVACAT Triple Mower

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Set of Pottinger A10 ed triple mowers. Brand new, freshly assembled.

Also have a demo’d alpha motion mower in-stock for front of you tractor. Completely isobus controled. 10 meter cut.

Pottinger Rotary Hay Rake 691a


  • TopTech rotor.
  • Hardened steel cam rollers in sealed bearings – no maintenance required
  • Multilast ground hugging kit is on this rake which allows this rake to follow the ground perfectly well protection the cam units and tines.
  • Wide tandem axles provides smooth running and greatly increases the rakes performance on slopes.
  • Robust tines with an optimal tine form ensure the tine point is directly in line with the tine arm. The tine will not lift away from the ground when under load .

This rake operates with precision.
12 arms per rotor

Pottinger Terrasem c9 Seed Drill

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2018 Pottinger terrasem c9 (9 meter) mulch seeder 4.9 inch row spacing

The TERRASEM universal seed drill can be economically incorporated into any operating sequence, regardless of whether it is deployed for mulch or conventional drilling. These machines deliver precision seed placement thanks to their parallel-guided DUAL DISC coulters with rear depth control press wheels. This configuration ensures unique ground tracking capability and uniform seed placement depth.

  • Each disc coulter is mounted on an independent parallelogram to ensure excellent ground tracking. All disc coulters are guided by a press wheel to ensure uniform seed placement depth.
  • Both the front and rear coulter arms are the same length. They are mounted on staggered coulter rails to ensure the same pressure on each coulter.
  • Uniform seed depth
  • An easily adjusted turnbuckle ratchet on the coulter rail is used to adjust seed placement depth on each section.
  • The coulter pressure is applied hydraulically between 40 and 120 kg.
  • The maintenance-free rubber mounting elements provide optimum freedom of movement for each unit.
  • With an inter coulter rail spacing of 320 mm, the offset configuration allows a row spacing of 12.5 cm for optimum plant distribution density.
  • Front discs provide weed and residue management well incorporating fertilizer

ISObus ready
140 bushel seed tank
350-400 hp requirement
Seeding speeds of 8-10 mph
35 acres an hour minus overlap and headland turning

2018 Pottinger Terradisc Disc

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Pottinger terradiscs

Larger 23 inch discs mounted at a 4.92 inch spacing on a Twin arm design ( the heart of the machine ) two solid forged arms are welded to a very wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy soil it is impossible for them to deviate to the side

  • Non stop rock protection , 4-1.57 inch rubber elements give you rock protection
  • Working depths up to 5.9 inches on 8 and 10 meter units
  • Generous inter-disc clearance give you plenty of space between discs and carrier arm and the carrier arms are angled facing the direction of rotation so that there is no risk of stones or trash becoming loader between discs and arms
  • Adjustable outer discs
  • Leveling harrows behind discs and before packers
  • Edging boards so that you don’t get that ridge left in the field
  • Hydraulic controlled packing pressure and wing pressure
  • Pack ring roller 21.65 inch diameter roller works good in Stony damp ground with large quantities of organic mater . ( rubbber packer , conoroll roller cage and double cage rollers also available)
  • Full warranty

One demo”d (1000 acres ) available for 68,000.00. knotched blades with ring roll
Call for pricing on new discs as manufacturer will not let us post new machine prices.

Tegosem cover crop seeders can also be added to this machine .

8 & 10 meter units available in spring of 2019

2019 Pottinger Multi Zone Hardpan Breaker

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Pottinger Synkro manages hardpand and compaction well. Works depths of 2-12 inches with, or without, wings on the shanks with 1200 lbs trips.

  • Can work with single point down into the subsoil.
  • Has shire pins for rock protection .
  • Handles big rocks with ease .
  • Leaves field seed bed ready